The Tree of Values

Mamanoel is a world whose key axes are simple but fundamental concepts: love, life, character, simplicity


Love, which moves everything, is the core of MamaNoél philosophy: love means family, warmth and the care that every baby can get. Not just products but ”beloved kids”.


Life, symbolized by the birth of a baby -by their growth, by the things they see, they learn and test every day- reflects the actual essence of the brand: with practical and functional collections, MamaNoél dresses up “real” babies, for everyday life.
There is more: MamaNoél is guarantee of safety, in fabrics, in accessories, in the realization of every single item, made to give comfort and care to our little consumers and to last for long.

MamaNoél is a completely made in Italy brand and product; for this reason, it does not forget its Italian character which is the basis of real made in Italy products

“Character” means Italian passion, recognisable class and taste, because its being Italian made not only ensures consistency and excellence of quality, but also a style, a way of being and creating.

Last but not least brand feature is its semplicity, perceptible in every collection, always characterized by polished sobriety and harmony; It is the capability to blend colours and styles with a sense of measure.


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